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Critical Care Training and Education

Critical care, or SCT transportation, is a level of care designed to meet the needs of critically ill patients.

These types of transports require a specialized knowledge base and scope of practice beyond the traditional Paramedic training. Trace Ambulance was a founding partner in creating legislation which allows for the transport of critical care patients and has designed this critical care program to meet or exceed approved State of Illinois standards.

Trace Ambulance has constructed a complete critical care transportation program that consists of three important components. First is the initial training. Second are the ongoing practical applications and clinical experiences. Third are the continuous monitoring and quality improvement initiatives.

The strength of our critical care program is in collaborating with our healthcare partners in designing a transport program that is tailored to meet their specific needs.

Trace’s Critical Care Program is an intensive course that prepares the critical care paramedics in the following: patients on balloon pumps, advanced 12 lead EKG interpretation and advanced pharmacology. In addition, the program develops the paramedics’ critical thinking. Trace Ambulance is one of only a few ambulance providers in the State of Illinois that have been approved through the State of Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) to offer this advanced training.

The critical care program is a testament of Trace’s dedication to clinical excellence. Many of the courses are taught by leading physicians who provide didactic and clinical training such as proficiencies in advanced airway management, handling traumas and working in cadaver labs. Our physicians, many of whom were Paramedics, understand the importance of critical care and EMS in the pre-hospital setting and continue to work with Trace’s paramedics by mentoring them after the completion of the critical care program.

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